Rolling Stones Tribute Show  - Chicago
Please Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Ed Bloom…as “Mick”– Lead Vocals/Harmonica

An early blues and rock enthusiast, “Krazy Eddie” is the consummate frontman leaving “no stone unturned.”  (No pun intended!) With his flare for showmanship, uncanny “Mick-isms,” costume changes, and boundless energy, Ed fires the audience up every time, making each person feel at home.  It’s been said, “You’ll get tired just watching him!”  Ed is a founding member of Hot Rocks, and is also known as one of the best “Harp” players in the Chicago area! -  When he's not  playin' with Hot Rocks, Ed sings and plays harp with The Screamin' End - Roots of Rock & Blues Band.
Chris Minardi as 'Keith'

Chris Minardi…as “Keith”-Guitar/Vocals

 The “Keith,” migrated to Hot Rocks from the defunct “Sticky Fingerz” in July 1996 and has never looked back. A guitar fanatic, and aficionado of music from the entire rock era. Playing “open tuned” rhythms and fiery guitar licks, Chris fuels the tunes with “Stonezy” guitar chemistry utilizing the three basic food groups of guitar: vintage “Tele,Strat, and Les Paul.” . When he’s not playin’ with Hot Rocks, Chris plays a solo acoustic act called “One Man Jam.”
Bobby Koll as 'Brian/Ronny'

Bobby Koll…as “Brian/Ronnie” – Guitar

With the band since January 2000.  From his blistering guitar licks and hot slide solos, to his brilliant stage charisma, this veteran Chicago axe slinger is “THE essence of ROCK & ROLL.  With keen Rock-A-Billy and blues flavor, a penchant for vintage guitars and amps, this cat rocks like the atomic bomb.  Rocked with Chicago's legendary band -  The Rockaholics.
Carmie Zac as 'Bill Wyman'

Carmie Zac…as “Bill Wyman” – Bass/Background Vocals

Bassman extraordinaire, Carmie joined the band in March 2000.  With Carmie’s diversified tastes in music and some 20+ years of playin’, this dude re-defines the meaning of  “bottom end.”  Carmie also sings potent background vocals and when he’s not playin’ with Hot Rocks, he’s lead singer/frontman for the Chicago based classic rock band, The Detours.
Joe Wejamn

Joe Wejman…as “Charlie” – Drums

Drumming since he was a kid, Joe started Hot Rocks when he heard Ed sing some Stones songs at a party, the rest is Hot Rocks history and the Odyssey continues.  Joe just can't be beat when he's drumming.
Paul Mally as 'Stu'
Paul Mally…as “Stu” – Keyboards/Background Vocals

Bangin’ those keys since he’s been old enough to breathe, “P.J.” has been on board since the beginning. Whether it’s the boogie/woogie piano solo in “If You Can’t Rock Me,” the B-3 organ fills in “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” or the ethereal Melotron sounds of “2000 Light Years From Home,” PJ puts the icing on the cake every time, always making it all sound good! Let’s put it this way, the rock world may have lost the great 'Stu', but thankfully has Paul. When he’s not bangin’ the keys with Hot Rocks, he’s playin’ with The Detours.
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A Footnote In Hot Rocks History
Hot Rocks has rocked many many bars, clubs, private parties, corporate events and festivals in and out of the Chicago area since 1994.  They’ve played a number of weddings, too!  Hot Rocks Rolling Stones Odyssey Tour continues with exciting performances at clubs, fests, casinos, corporate and private events.  Past special performances included: appearances on WGNTV; sponsored by The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at Abbey Road On The River in Cleveland, OH; Rever Bend Casino in Iowa; Ty Warner(Beanie Babies)  Corp. Party; McDonald's Volley Ball Tournament Event; Aurora Downtown Alive!; Comiskey Park/Cellular Field in Chicago one week before the "Stones"; the Batavia Fest; Chicago's Green Tie Ball, Chicago's Green Ribbon Rally, HOB, the famous Excalibur Nightclub in Chicago as part of a British Invasion extravaganza; the Pickwick Theatre as part of a 60's revival; Prospect Heights Summerfest; Elmfest; Batavia Fest; Lincon Ave. Fest; Lake Zurich Fest; St. Bart's Fest; plus many other fests with club gigs in-between (too many to list here), with a few Pig Roasts thrown in for flavor plus a number of corporate and other private events. Hot Rocks presents an all-ages total celebration of the "Stones" experience with costumes and a spectacular light show (complete with strobes and fog) to its already animated performance. 

Hot Rocks will rock you!

The band looks forward to many more years of Rockin’ & Rollin’ and keeping the music of “Da Stones” alive and kickin’!

We thank the Rolling Stones for the years of great music, all of the venues, agents and YOU, the audience, for helping us create a live 'Stones' experience.

See YOU at the next show!

Gary Cremieux as 'Charlie' Gary Cremieux…as “Charlie” – Drums  - has 'retired' from Hot Rocks, may drum again from time to time.

 Gary – a working drummer since he was 12 years old, and an avid jazz fanatic like 'Charlie' himself, came on board in March 2000, Gary is the glue that holds this band together.   He rocks like a champion, playing with impeccable timing and textures.  The beat from this “well oiled machine” will make you just wanna get up and boogie!